The grade: D


                  If the title of this article was Lebron James wins Finals MVP, the grade would be A+. However since it has the word unanimous in it, it gets a D. Don’t get me wrong, Lebron James was and is the best basketball player on earth. He took over. He won this series. He beat the 73 win Warriors. He came back from down 3-1.  Not Jordan, not Bird, not Kareem, not Oscar, and not Kobe even came back down 3-1, not that MJ ever had to. I gave this a D because not one writer with a vote gave one to Kyrie Irving. Kyrie was masterful in his 41 point game 5. He was the closer when game 6 got close. He hit what might end up in Cleveland folklore as “the three”. Not Lebron. Lebron was the MVP, it just didn’t need to be unanimous. 

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