The Grade? C+


            Just to be clear here, I’m not giving Ben Simmons going first a C+, I’m giving the Sixers taking him a C+. There are many reasons Philly doesn’t need him. It’ll be quicker if I just list them:

  1. They don’t need another big 
  2. NBA is going smaller, they already have 3 centers and 3 power forwards
  3. He’s not going to speed up this rebuild any more than trading him for two starters would. 
  4. They don’t need another big. 

I had to say the last one twice because the Sixers seem to show up every year around this time and had another guy who stands over 6 foot 10 to their roster. First it was Noel, next it was Embiid, after that was Okafor ( who may be gone this Thursday), and now Simmons. Is he the best prospect in the draft? Yes. The Sixers have decided to make rebuilding a decade long process at this rate, the fans are getting tired of it, why not turn the top pick into either a team centerpiece ( Why not Melo? ) along with a role player ( Afflalo? Williams? Lopez?) and claim one of those eastern conference playoff spots that anyone can get nowadays? 

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