The Grade: F


                Fair or not, I have to grade the back to back league MVP on a curve. Is scoring 17 in a game bad? No.  Is scoring 17 In a game after averaging 30 per game all season bad? Kind of. Is scoring 17 in a game after averaging 30 per game all season and taking home your scone straight league MVP bad? Extremely. To say he let down the fans who watched him hit crazy 3’s all season long is an understatement. He couldn’t hit a 3 to save his life in the 4th quarter of game 7. Whether he was a little banged up or not doesn’t matter because he couldn’t come through the one time he absolutely had to. He became a mental midget, intimidated by King James blocks and words. For the best shooter in the NBA NBA history to flop like that is ugly, and he should be thankful the media hasn’t jumped him like we all know LeBron would’ve been had he not won the finals. This will be a rough offseason for the first ever unanimous MVP. 

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