The teams:

  • Hawks 
  • Jazz
  • Pacers

Who got what?

The Hawks:

  • No. 12 pick in this upcoming draft ( From Jazz )

Status: win 

              The Atlanta realizes the fact that if Lebron is in the east, and not a Hawk, the Hawks will not make the finals. This starts a rebuild that has been getting prepped for. 

The Pacers

  • Jeff Teague ( From Hawks )


                The Pacers have a lot of what they need to make a go at the Cavs. They have the superstar in Paul George, as well as plenty of good role players. Adding Teague, who was an all star two seasons ago, only validates the Pacers decision to make a vie at the throne. 

The Jazz

  • George Hill ( From Pacers )

Status: win

                   The Jazz are extremely young, and have tons of talent. The place that they have struggled ,let at is point guard, despite spending some lottery picks over the last few seasons on Trey Burke and Dante Exum. Hill is a solidified starter who will make the Jazz a legitimate contender for a 6, 7, or 8 seed, even in the stacked West.