The draft is finally over meaning we have a few months to break down everything for the upcoming season. Here are the five guys with the best chance of taking home the 2016 rookie of the year award:

5. Jamal Murray


                Picked seventh overall by Denver, Murray is going see lots of minutes early and often throughout the season. Scoring is heavily taken into account when voting for rookie of the year comes around. Expect a big year from Murray, who was being considered by Philadelphia as a guy they were trying to trade up later in the draft to acquire. Give Denver props for nailing their lottery pick for a second straight year. 

4. Ben Simmons


                          The top pick in the draft probably won’t win this award. He’s in a crowded front court, and has more learning to do than most prospects. The biggest reason that Ben is so low on this list is because he quit on a 36 game LSU season last year when things were rough. How she going to show up and play in Philadelphia in December during a losing streak. 

3. Brandon Ingram


              Ingram is going to score a lot. That we know, and expect out of the Duke product. What we don’t know is how the offense is going to run, mainly through him or Russell. He’s ready to score 20 a game, but will the Lakers set up enough looks for him throughout the season? Spoiler alert: The next guy on this list is going to score more than him. 

2. Buddy Hield


              Buddy Hield was drafted to score. He’s a great Shiite,  especially from deep. He’ll be a started , or at least should over an aging Eric Gordon. As stated in the argument for Murray, scoring is weighted in rookie of the year voting, exact a lot from Buddy. 

1. Kris Dunn


                 Dunn is coming out of college having played his full 4 seasons worth. He’s ready to play the NBA game at a high level. A proven pass, and he has two potential all stars next to him in Towns and Wiggins.  His GM is already clearing the way by shopping the previous point guard Rubio to teams across the NBA.  Dunn is a cross of Chris Paul and John Wall, expect a huge season from the number five pick. 

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