no.1 : Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Anthony Bennett


Look up biggest busts in NBA history. You’ll find Bennett’s name at or near the top of all of them. 

no.2:Orlando Magic

  • Victor Oladipo


Oladipo has been a great player for the Magic ever since draft night. He was the best player on the team from day 1. They did great with this pick. 

no.3:Washington Wizards

  • Otto Porter


Otto had a rough rookie year, and has been decent since. He’ll be a solid role player for a while. 

no.4:Charlotte Hornets

  • Cody Zeller


Zeller had a decent rookie year, better second year, and regressed again this year. He’ll do the dirty work off the bench for the majority of his career. 

no.5:Phoenix Suns

  • Alex Len


Len hasn’t been very useful for the Suns. Not much more can be said than that. 

no.6:New Orleans Pelicans

  • Nerlens Noel


Nerlens was traded to Philly on draft night, but this was still a good pick. He’s going to probably take home some defensive awards throughout his career. 

no.7:Sacramento Kings

  • Ben McLemore


Ben hasn’t been terrible, but his potential is yet to be touched. He’s still an elite athlete who may and up figuring things out down the road. 

no.8:Detroit Pistons

  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope


Pope hasn’t achieved much yet, but he has some big games this year. Next year could determine whether this grade goes up to an A or down to a C. 

no.9:Utah Jazz

  • Trey Burke


Burke has been pretty bad so far. He was a stud his final year at Michigan but still hasn’t got his shot strong enough to score consistently in the NBA. 

no.10:Portland Trail Blazers 

  • C.J. McCollum


C.J. took a couple years to get everything figured out but now that he has, he his now a star in Portland. If the Greek Freak didn’t come out of this draft he may go down as the best player taken in 2013. 

no.11:Philadelphia 76ers

  • Michael Carter-Williams


MCW took home the rookie of the year award back in 2014, but since then he’s been an average point guard. He may be on his way out of Milwaukee after the Greek Freak played like he did in Carter-Williams absence at the end of the year. 

no.12: Oklahoma City Thunder

  • Steven Adams


Adams showed us in the playoffs this year that he’s ready to do the dirty work night in and night out.  A great pick at number twelve in an overall weak draft. 

no.13: Boston Celtics

  • Kelly Olynyk


Olynyk hasn’t been bad but he also hasn’t been that good. He works well in Boston but he’s not going to lead a team anytime soon. 

no.14: Utah Jazz

  • Shabazz Muhammad


Giannis Antetokounmpo was taken one pick after this. That has to sting for the Jazz, even though they traded Shabazz to Minnesota on draft night.  

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