no.1: St. Louis Rams

  • Sam Bradford

Grade: C- 

Bradford never turned into what he was supposed to. He’s currently an average starter(for now) in the league with Philly. 

no.2: Detroit Lions

  • Ndamukong Suh

Grade: A+

Suh has been a defensive force since day 1 in the league. 

no.3: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

  • Gerald McCoy

Grade: A

McCoy has been a perennial pro-bowler in the NFL. He’s not quite Suh but he’s pretty close. 

no.4: Washington Redskins

  • Trent Williams

Grade: C
Williams has been an average lineman since entering the league. Just average. 

no.5: Kansas City Chiefs

  • Eric Berry

Grade: B+
Berry has been great for KC and is one of the best safeties in the NFL. If Earl Thomas III didn’t go later in the round he would get an A+. 

no.6: Seattle Seahawks

  • Russell Okung

Grade: B-

Okung has been slightly better than Williams but not by much. His grade is higher because he wasn’t drafted fourth overall. 

no.7: Cleveland Browns

  • Joe Haden

Grade: A

Haden has become the Browns best player over the best few years. Cleveland actually got this pick right. 
no.8: Oakland Raiders

  • Rolando McClain

Grade: D+

McClain was another highly touted Alabama linebacker but hasn’t amounted into an elite NFL linebacker. 

no.9: Buffalo Bills

  • C.J. Spiller

Grade: B

Spiller isn’t great but he is pretty good. He is the best running back out of this draft. 

no.10: Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Tyson Alualu

Grade: C

Alualu had a solid rookie season but hasn’t done much since.