Prospects are according to the ESPN 100.

2007: Kevin Love

Grade: B+

Had he kept up his insane Timberwolves numbers (26ppg, 13 rpg) he would easily secure an A. However since going from first option in Minneapolis to third in Cleveland, his numbers declined. That being said he did play a critical role in this years game seven of the finals. 

2008: Brandon Jennings

Grade: C+

BJ had a promising rookie season ( he had a 55 point game), but since has not grown much. He still takes misguided, contested shots. He still makes dumb turnovers and plays lazy D., but he can also make some c any plays. That just who he is. 

2009: Avery Bradley

Grade: B-

Avery has his limitations, but still is putting together a pretty solid career. He will likely be labeled as a 3 and D guy once his contract runs out. 

2010: Harrison Barnes

Grade: B

Barnes is turning into a pretty good player in the league. He will never be a number one option on a team, but makes for a solid above average starter. Had he not flopped in this years finals he may be getting a max deal this Summer. 

2011: Anthony Davis

Grade: A+

“The Brow” has been a force in the NBA since he was drafted first overall by New Orleans in 2012. His limitations are very few, and if you’re ranking the top players in the league expect to put him around 5-10. 

2012: Nerlens Noel

Grade: C+

Nerlens is going to win defensive awards before 2020. He needs to do work on the offensive side but overall has a bright future.

2013: Andrew Wiggins

Grade: B+

Wiggins will be an all star within two years.  He really started to develop this past season. He is playing on a team with other young stars, and that will only help his development. 

2014: Jahlil Okafor

Grade: B-

Thus grade is just based on his rookie year, since that’s his only season in the league. He shows the promise of having offensive scoring ability, but is a lazy defender. There’s a good shot he won’t be in Philly come October.