1. Chicago Blackhawks (winter classic)

The Hawks regular home and road uniforms are great, but their winter classics this year were excellent. 

2. San Jose Sharks (alternate)

Black jerseys can be done well, and done terrible. The Sharks alternates fall in the very well end of the spectrum. 

3. Los Angeles Kings (road)

The Kings uniforms are clean, basic, and as good as any in the league right now. 


1. San Francisco Giants (alternate)

The Giants did the same thing their Bay-Area counterpart the Sharks did. Made the black unifroms great. 

2. Pittsburgh Pirates (throwback)

Paying homage to the 1979 “we are family” Bucs, the throwbacks Pittsburgh unveiled this year look terrific. 

3. Boston Red Sox ( alternate)

The navy Red Sox uniforms are plain, simple, and look great. 


1.  Golden State Warriors (throwbacks)

The Dubs have great home and road uniforms, but their hardwood classics outshine all others in the NBA.   

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (alternate)

The navy the Cavaliers wear began on LeBrons first game back. They also look great. 

3. Philadelphia 76ers (road)

The Sixers rebrand was done well. Hopefully their play this upcoming season will match their uniforms in terms of success. 


1. New England Patrios (home)

The Pats may not be very well liked outside of northeast America, but they have some sharp jerseys. 

2. Seattle Seahawks (road)

The Seahawks rebranding started with the unifroms. Since switching to these they have one a super bowl, been to two, and have been an elite NFL team

3. Dallas Cowboys ( home)

The Cowboys classic home uniforms will make their way on to lists until they change.