5. Klay Thompson

  • Pick number 11 (round 1)
  • Drafted by the Golden State Warriors

Klay is becoming one of the best 2-guards in all of basketball. He would be higher on the list if he wasn’t drafted as high as he was. 

4. Chandler Parsons

  • Pick number 38 (round 2)
  • Drafted by the Houston Rockets

Parsons numbers have declined since signing with Dallas but he’s still an above average small forward. Rarely can you get a guy like this in round 2. 

3. Isaiah Thomas

  • Pick number 60 (round 2)
  • Drafted by the Sacramento Kings

Isaiah would’ve gone much higher had he been taller. Nonetheless he has established himself as the man in Boston and may be the greatest “Mr. Irrelevant”, the name coined for the last pick in a draft, ever to play. 

2. Jimmy Butler

  • Pick number 30 (round 1)
  • Drafted by the Chicago Bulls

Butler is an all star swingman who was in the heart of this years MVP race during the first half of the season. He’s only getting better and he wasn’t a lottery pick. 

1. Kawhi Leonard

  • Pick number 15 (round 1)
  • Drafted by the Indiana Pacers then traded on draft night to San Antonio for George Hill

“The Claw” has become an elite defender and an offensive force. He finished third in MVP voting this year, and is now the face of an elite Spurs franchise.