Player: Evan Fournier

Team: Orlando Magic

Contract: 5 yrs, 85m

Grade: C+

Fournier is a solid starter, and shooter. However, he is not worth that much compared to some of the deals others are getting. 

Player: Evan Turner

Team: Portland Trail Blazers

Contract: 4 yrs, 75m

Grade: B

Portland can fill a major hole by adding Turner, but he’s not worth that much money. 

Player: Jerryd Bayless

Team: Philadelphia 76ers

Contract: 3 yrs, 27m

Grade: A+

The Sixers have been seeking veteran guard play for years, and they finally found it with Bayless. 

Player: Al Jefferson

Team: Indiana Pacers

Contract: 3 yrs, 30m

Grade: A

The Pacers did great with this one. Big Al can produce quality minutes off the bench, or starting. 

Player: Andre Drummond 

Team: Detroit Pistons

Contract: 5 yrs, 130m

Grade: A+

Worth every penny. 

Player: Bradley Beal

Team: Washington Wizards 

Contract: 5 yrs, 130m

Grade: B+

Beal will be worth the money as long as he stays healthy, and continues his development. 


Player: Jeremy Lin

Team: Brooklyn Nets

Contract: 3 yrs, 36m

Grade: C+

This move showcases how desperate the Nets are. Lin really isn’t worth that price but Brooklyn is going to have to overpay for anyone they get. 

Player: Hassan Whiteside

Team: Miami Heat

Contract: 4 yr, 98m

Grade: A

Good job by Miami to lock down their big man of the future. Whiteside would’ve gotten a max deal from a few teams so Miami lucked out that he stayed. 

Player: Nic Batum

Team: Charlotte Hornets

Contract: 5 yr, 120m

Grade: B

Player: Jordan Clarkson

Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Contract: 4 yr, 50m

Grade: A

Clarkson gave the Lakers a deal on this. He’s better than Lin, and he’s younger. 

Player: DeMar Derozan

Team: Toronto Raptors

Contract: 5 yr, 139+m

Grade: B

Derozan is a really good player, but I’m  not sure he’s worth all that money. 

Player: Timofey Mozgov

Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Contract: 4 yr, 64m

Grade: C

Mozgov isn’t worth that much money, but the Lakers couldn’t risk not getting a big man for next year.