The Best:

3. (Tie) Chicago Blackhawks and San Francisco Giants

            Each of these franchises have taken home three of the last six titles in their respective sports. While doing so they managed to keep their stars, and bring in other talent. They have top coaches and upper management, and keep their players happy. 

2. New England Patriots

             Like them or not, the Pats are the top managed team in all of football. Like any Dynasty, they have a franchise quarterback, and elite coaching staff. Every year New England is at or near the top of projected standings, and that won’t change anytime soon, even if Tom Brady retires within a few years. 

1.San Antonio Spurs

              The Spurs and Patriots are eerily similar. Both have the best coaches in their sport, a franchise centerpiece, and an owner willing to spend. The only thing putting the Spurs ahead of the Patriots is their ability to haul in the top free agents. 

The Worst

3. Sacramento Kings

                       The Kings have had issue after issue regarding how they get along throughout the team, coaches and management. Despite having the best center in the NBA (DeMarcus Cousins), they have used their first round pick the last two seasons on another center. 

2. Brooklyn Nets

                      The Nets traded away every pick they had through 2019 when they traded for aging Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in an effort to win a title. Since then the Nets have gotten progressively worse, and have resorted in overpaying mediocre free agents. 

1. Cleveland Browns

                   Seeing the Browns here should be no surprise. They haven’t had a quart back last for an entire season in years, they get bullied by opponents, and never sign any top free agents. A new coach and upper management were hired this offseason, so maybe they can scratch their name off the list. 

Who do you think should be #1 in each of these lists? Comment your picks.