This years Team USA roster is stacked from top to bottom. Every player on this team is an all star caliber talent, but which ones are above the others?

5. PG Kyrie Irving

            Kyrie solidified his being on this list a little over a month ago with his play in the 2016 NBA Finals. Expect him to play well all summer, as he should be carrying momentum from that. He, like the three Warrior players on the roster, will likely play less minutes since they have been playing non-stop since October. 

4. PF Draymond Green

                 There were a lot of times this season where the best player on the floor for Golden State was Green. That’s saying a lot considering the unanimous MVP is out there too. Green does everything well, which is rare in today’s game of specialization. He was the only Warrior who played in all 73 games they won. 

3. C DeMarcus Cousins

               “Boogie” Cousins is the best center in the NBA, assuming you consider Anthony Davis a power forward. He has an excellent arsenal from the post, and effective mid range jumper. He rebounds great, plays solid defense, and is far and above the best player the Kings have. 

2. SF Paul George

                 Paul George was on the fiba USA team in 2014 when he had the horrific leg injury that we all saw in the intrasquad scrimmage. When he had that injury he was probably the with or ninth best player in the NBA. After missing 90% of last season, he came back this year and resolidified his status as an elite player. He started the all star game ( and almost set the scoring record),  led Indiana back to the postseason, and claimed his spot as a top six or seven player in the NBA. 

1. SF Kevin Durant

                     Anybody who says KD is not the best player on this team is probably an Oklahoma City Thunder fan. The newest Warrior is probably the second best player in the NBA, behind LeBron. Watching him,Klay, and Dray play this Summer will be a mini-privies fro what we’ll see this fall in the Bay Area.